What I'm listening to...

Think it's time for a music related post don't you? It's been a little while...

Sailor & I - Tough Love

A sweeping orchestral/electronic creation that builds like dark clouds on a horizon. That's not a pretentious analogy - the drums actually sound like heavy raindrops hitting the ground, and the timpani rolls like distant thunder... Beautiful.

Amy Holford - I Won't Wait

Goodness me this girl has one heck of a voice. Flawless. Here she is in session for Burberry Acoustic

Fink - Warm Shadow

As soon as I heard the words "What you got in store for me?" in a little snippet of this song that was featured on a recent episode of Made in Chelsea (love it or hate it that show does have some great music!) I knew I had to hear the rest of it. It didn't disappoint. Like the Sailor & I track, it's a slow builder with sparse words and beautiful musicality

Eliot Grace - Rebecka

The most up-tempo of today's choices. A Swedish collective (of course they are... *sigh... oh to be a Scandinavian) this is the sort of happy/sad, fast/slow kind of song that makes you feel epic. Listen to it LOUD