New Music - Jordan Bratton

Oh my goodness... I'm lying in bed with my headphones on listening to the brand new album 'The Grey Area' by New Yorker Jordan Bratton and before I'm even three tracks in I'm already blogging about him. THAT'S HOW GOOD THIS IS!

Now this is probably going to sound like an appalling comparison to make but hear me out...

My immediate thought 30 seconds into the first track was "Wow! This guy sounds like Justin Beiber." But that's where the similarity ends. Jordan Bratton is making the kind of music we all wish Justin Beiber was making had he not been too busy being a general knob, but had instead matured and developed any form of musical taste.

You can download the whole album for FREE on soundcloud here. So stop listening to me waffle on... go get it and see for yourself how groovy he is.