Elli Ingram - The Old Queen's Head - 12.02.14

Wednesday night was Elli Ingram's London show and I've been looking forward to seeing this girl live since I first heard her cover of Kendrick Lemar's 'Poetic Justice' a year ago. We arrived unfashionably early at North London venue The Old Queens Head and headed upstairs to get a good spot. Needn't have worried - she wasn't on for a good 2 hours...

Plenty of time for a drink or three... All the drinks were named after the tracks from her brilliant 5 track EP 'Sober'.

Before we knew it the venue had gone from empty to absolutely packed and Elli took the stage to kick things off

Her vocals are bewitching... Similar to Adele but with buckets more bite and a sexier lyrical take on those well versed subjects of heartache and young love.

Her new single 'When it was Dark' was just as good, if not better than the recording, when played live - amazing work from her backing singers and some seriously guilty-pleasure saxophone moments.

One thing that stood out throughout the entire set was how much fun her whole band were having - their enthusiasm was infectious and with Elli chatting away to the crowd between tracks I dare anyone to have left that room feeling anything but excited about how bright this girl's future is.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with her afterwards although I did feel like a bit of a tit having had my hands taped to my glass by my guitarist Matt. Who knew electrical tape was so much fun!?

Elli signed to Island a few months ago and has gone from strength to strength but she still seems incredibly humble and down to earth about the whole thing. She's charming, super-talented and completely her own person, and a part of me wonders whether she might just be the girl to step into those big ol' shoes left by Amy Winehouse. A big task, but one I feel she is more than capable of...

Thanks Elli for a great evening x