What I'm Listening to... Tom Prior

WOW OH WOW as soon as I heard Tom Prior's new EP 'Bad Advice' I was mesmerised. Literally blown away. 'All Dressed Up' sounds like it could have fallen off the back of the Arctic Monkeys most recent album... snarling guitars, growling bass and that Alex Turner 'give-a-fuck' sensibility in the lyrics. 'Bad Advice' flows in the same vein and for a moment I was concerned that my enjoyment of this EP was stemming purely from the fact that it was pretty much 'AM' take 2.

But then, like a breath of fresh air 'Altar' begins and it's all Tom Odell meets the Killers in a blissful union of heartache piano and lose-your-shit Mr Brightside chorus guitars, and I'm certain that this guy has many more musical faces to offer than just Alex Turner pastiche. I listened to this four times in a row until I could get over how happy/sad/elated/indestructible it made me feel.

Stones is equally heartfelt; produced to perfection and the cherry on top of an incredibly impressive debut for Tom.

There is some serious songwriting on this EP; the lyrics are intelligent, observant and cliche-free and I for one can't wait to hear more. At a time when music blogs and radio stations everywhere are making their predictions for the Sound of 2015, my money is on this guy. ENJOY! x