What I'm listening to... May 2017

Ok so I'm a bad blogger and I've neglected my duties for the past few months. To make up for it here's a list of the top tracks I'm listening to right now... 

FOURS - Stella

Stupidly catchy and immediately addictive... FOURS must have written this after a research trip to Infernos.  In the corner of every club these days there's a slimy perv who thinks a bit of bump and grind is a chivalrous introduction, and ogling your arse a substitute for conversation. Girls, you know the one. This is why I love pop music! 

Charlie Cunningham - Minimum

It's been a while since I heard someone play an acoustic guitar that's really truly moved me... I felt oversaturated with it, but Charlie Cunningham just made me fall head over heels right back in love. This is just one of many stunning tracks so PLEASE check him out.

Fickle Friends - Hello Hello

I have a feeling I may be late to the party on this one... but it's another instant, brilliant, feel good pop track and I LOVE the video!!! 

Tom Prior - Sundays

If you read this blog (hi mum) you should know by now that I'm a fan of all things Tom Prior. Sundays is no exception. Fingers crossed this track means more new music will be coming our way from this extremely talented writer and performer. Also go see him live - he and his band are slick.

Blanco White - El Buho

I'm lucky enough to have just visited Argentina and I heard this song playing in a guesthouse in the middle of nowhere and it gave me shivers. Awash with Spanish influenced guitars, White's aching voice is a thing to behold and it's got me dreaming of faraway lands and heady summer nights.