Weeping but also dancing : MUNA - About U

I like music that hits you in the chest the moment you hear it. I like music that gives you an instant rush. I'm a true pop junkie and I've found my next hit in the form of LA-based girl group MUNA. I Can't. Get. Enough!

I've mentioned their music before but I'm concerned that people won't actually pay attention to my recommendations so I'm going to bang on and on about how bloody marvelous these girls are until you're sick of hearing their name. Not sorry. 

Their debut album 'About U' was released on Friday and I've had it on repeat ever since. (If my downstairs neighbours didn't already hate me, they certainly do now.) It is exceptionally, unashamedly, heart-achingly spectacular and I have already danced around my flat alone weeping tears of joy (christ I need to get out more) to it.

Lyrically, pop music often favours the protagonist. There tends to be a clear distinction between the good guy and the bad guy; the how-on-earth-could-you-cheat-on-me-when-i'm-so-amazing song, the you-fucked-me-over-and-now-i'll-make-you-regret-the-day-you-were-born song and the well known I've-got-so-much-sex-appeal-it-hurts pop classic.

Not the case here. Throughout the 12 tracks on the album MUNA plumb depths of emotion not often explored by your average pop band. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of melodrama - 'Crying on the Bathroom Floor' is a glorious case and point - but this is always tempered with a crystalline sense of self. Of knowing that love stories are never one-sided, of allowing oneself to feel unflinchingly and honestly whilst also accepting responsibility for the burden of emotion so often placed on another person too. 

Of the unheard songs on the album (half the tracks had already been released in the run up to the album launch) my stand-out moment has to be 'If U Love Me Now'. It is a devastatingly beautiful piece of writing, understated and yet so powerful. *I'm writing this at work and I just had to take 5 to lock myself in the loos and confirm how great the track is before finishing this post (yup, definitely need to get out more). As lead singer Katie Gavin cries "There's me in the corner throwing a fit, making a mess of it, don't you love me now?" she captures the complexities of love and vulnerability so accurately it hurts to hear it said so clearly. 

These are anthemic songs for real-life moments and I'm bowled over by the magnitude of what these three girls have conveyed on this album. So please, turn this music up loud, let it wash over you and get lost in it as MUNA help you enjoy the beautiful complexities of being human. 

Follow MUNA on all platforms @whereismuna and listen to the album in full below...